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American Asphalt Company Awarded EZ STREET Asphalt Sales Territory
American Asphalt Company was recently awarded the exclusive territory of 5 Pennsylvania counties and 5 New Jersey counties to manufacture and sell EZ STREET cold asphalt.  American Asphalt Company is aggressively planning and implementing a marketing campaign designed to assist with sales of the product.  Manufacturing will begin on October 20th.  For more information, contact Peter Sanchez




116 Main Street
West Collingswood Heights, NJ 08059
Phone: (856) 456-2899
Fax: (856) 456-4398

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1701 River Road
Burlington, NJ 08016
Phone: (609) 747-1247
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American Asphalt Company
About Us

American Asphalt Company

American Asphalt Company was founded in 1903. Known at that time as Week’s Asphalt Co., the business was purchased in 1986 by its current President and CEO, Robert Brown. The assets purchased from the Weeks’ family included a 1954 one-ton asphalt plant, one 15-year-old paver, three 15-year-old rollers and three worn out 5-yard dump trucks. American Asphalt Company’s W. Collingswood Heights location has been the home of the operation for over 50 years.

Under the current leadership emphasizing enthusiasm, honest hard work and diligent efforts toward exceptional service, the company has grown significantly. Production and sales doubled from 8,000 tons-per year and $800,000 gross annual sales, in the year immediately following the purchase.

By 1990, the W. Collingswood Heights 30-year-old one-ton batch plant reached maximum plant capacity of 45,000 tons-per-year. At that time, the company purchased and rebuilt a used two-ton batch plant, enabling growth and the ability to produce more asphalt mix faster. Five years later, the company hit another milestone producing maximum capacity at 150,000 tons-per-year. During this time, annual investments were made in more road building equipment and trucks. The labor force increased along with the company’s capabilities. Most importantly, the company purchased a milling machine to remove old asphalt and added recycling equipment to reuse this valuable resource and stay price competitive.

In 1996, American Asphalt Company purchased and financed a brand new four-ton batch plant. This ensured the company’s ability to meet tough environmental standards and produce enough mix per day to continue to supply the increasing demand. With more production came a demand for trucks. Ten dump trucks were added to the fleet in the next few years as well as a crushing plant to reduce broken-out asphalt to recyclable size.

In 2002, after acquiring the assets of a competitive paving company, sales hit over 17 million. American Asphalt Company was at capacity for manufacturing hot mix asphalt for the third year in a row. To continue its expansion, the company located and negotiated the purchase of 35 acres of underdeveloped land in Burlington Township. By 2004, the acquisition and erection of the Burlington plant was completed. The impact of the new plant had a tremendously positive effect on the company’s bottom line. Saving in trucking and man-hour expenditures the company became more competitive and adequately able to supply product. In addition, the available acreage in Burlington allowed American Asphalt Company to stockpile materials and recycle more asphalt.

Continuing its growth in 2005, American Asphalt Company purchased the assets of a mid-sized paving company, acquiring both the staff and equipment. This bolstered the crew talent and paving equipment fleet. With energy costs rapidly on the rise, the company made significant investments in new equipment ensuring both asphalt plants could run on recycled oil, cut costs and maintain a competitive edge.

The current workload demonstrates that American Asphalt Company is a premier business in central and southern New Jersey as well as eastern Pennsylvania. Today the company continues to focus on growing profits, increasing stability and becoming the preeminent source of asphalt and relative contracting services in its market.

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